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Free Late Night Ride Nights

Fasten Riders Ride Free on Free Late Night Ride Nights

BOSTON, Mass. - (April 26, 2016) - Fasten today introduced Free Late Night Ride Nights, giving people free rides Monday-Thursday nights, 12-3am (technically Tuesday-Friday mornings). The Boston-based ridesharing company would like the promotion to attract a traditionally overlooked segment of the workforce: the long hour go-getters.

Fasten entered the market in October, 2015 with a different take on the established income model. Instead of requiring up to 28% from drivers, Fasten only receives $1 per ride: so a driver can make over $7 more on a $30 fare. Their small fee, along with a refusal to apply surge pricing, translates to a consistently lower rate for riders as well. This makes late rides as affordable to take as they are alluring to give, and in that a possible market that benefits riders and drivers alike.

“We’re not here to make a killing off of late night surge prices when it’s the drivers that are out there doing the work,” said Fasten COO, Vlad Christoff. “The MBTA stops running, but Boston doesn’t just shut down.” The dogma is that late night rides are strictly needed by weekend revelers, but little do we consider those that slave away into the wee hours. Drivers included. “If you’re up late, you can count on us.” 

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